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American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship, USA 2023-24

This is to bring to your notice the application window for the American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship, USA 2023-24

American University Emerging Global Leader

Important Points 

Listed below are the key points to be noted about the American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship, USA 2023-24:

  • Funding is full 
  • All the following course offered at the host institution in respective departments and faculties are eligible for this scholarship:
    • All courses 
  • International students students are eligible
  • All Undergraduate applicants are eligible

Brief Description

The AU EGL scholarship provides complete tuition, lodging, and board for one overseas student who needs a visa to study in the United States (ideally an F-1 or J-1 student visa). Non-billable fees like required health insurance, books, airfare, and other costs (around US$4,000 year) are not covered by the scholarship.

The American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship encourages educational opportunity and access while fostering global diversity. The AU Emerging Global Leader succeeds, inspires, and serves with vision by combining the best aspects of AU: academic achievement, leadership development, and global involvement. The AU EGL is committed to bringing about constructive social and civic change and to going home to help underdeveloped and neglected areas there.

Application Deadline

  • Application deadline is December 15, 2023

Eligible Courses

American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship, USA 2023-24 is a scheme that looks to reward high-achieving internationals, and it is only available for the course below at the respective faculties:

  • All courses

Eligible Countries

Students from the following nationalities are eligible:

  • All countries 

Scholarship Award Benefit

All of the following will be provided by the university:

  • The scholarship covers one first-year (freshman) high-achieving overseas student’s complete tuition, fees, lodging, and board.
  • If the student maintains a grade point average of 3.0 or higher, they are eligible to extend it for a further four years of undergraduate education.

Degree Type

American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship, USA 2023-24 is for Undergraduate applicants.

Number of Awards

  • Not specified 

Eligibility Criteria

All applicants must meet the following criteria to be considered for the American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship, USA 2023-24:

  • For autumn (August) 2023, AU EGLS candidates must submit a Regular Decision application. Apply Early Decision (ED) not.
  • There will be preference for:
  • students from abroad who have surmounted a variety of difficulties as well as individuals from varied and underrepresented socioeconomic and cultural origins.
  • For grades 9 through 12, a minimum GPA of 3.8 out of 4.0 (or being in the top 10% of the graduating class).
  • a track record of leadership, voluntarism, and community service, as well as a dedication to improving domestic issues.
  • pupils who possess one of the following:
  • (All subscores must be 20 or above) TOEFL iBT 95+
  • IELTS score of 7.0+ (all subscores must be 6.0 or higher)
  • 600 or more paper-based TOEFL scores (achieved after May 31, 2017)
  • Sub-scores of 24+ on the TOEFL test administered on paper (taken after May, 2017)
  • students who will graduate from secondary or high school by June 2023 while remaining enrolled.
  • Important: IB students should aim to graduate with a full IB diploma that includes at least three HL topics. Before August 2023, students enrolled in the British A-Level system must finish 13 years of education and at least 3 A levels.
  • You are ineligible If any of the following apply to you:
  • You are a citizen of the United States, a permanent resident, a prospective permanent resident, or a dual citizen of the United States and another nation.
  • You have already started or are currently enrolled in any post-secondary coursework at a different university in your own country or the US.
  • You completed your secondary education before 2021.

Application Procedure

The following procedure remains the only viable route to apply rightfully:

  • To apply, visit American University Website
  • The AU Emerging Global Leader Scholarship application is only available online.
  • For the AU EGL semi-finals and finalists, extra essay submissions and Zoom interviews will be necessary. should be contacted if you have any questions.
  • To learn more, click here.

Please click the American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship, USA 2023-24 to begin your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the FAQs that would help you in your scholarship search:

American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship, USA

  • It is an Undergraduate position for only high-achieving applicants of the scholarship by American University 

What are Tips to Increase My Chances of Getting Selected

  • Follow deadlines and give all documentation correctly upon request.

Is this Scholarship for Both Domestic and Foreign Applicants?

  • This is for International applicants.

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