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Monash University Maxwell King PhD Scholarship, Australia 2024-25

This is to bring to your notice the application window for the Monash University Maxwell King PhD Scholarship, Australia 2024-25 has now been opened for the general public to apply.

Monash University Maxwell King PhD Scholarship

Important Points 

Listed below are the key points to be noted about the Monash University Maxwell King PhD Scholarship, Australia 2024-25:

  • Funding is partial 
  • All the following courses offered at the host institution in respective departments and faculties are eligible for this scholarship:
    • All courses 
  • International students are eligible
  • All PhD applicants are eligible

Brief Description

The Monash University Maxwell King PhD Scholarship in Australia for the academic year 2024-25 presents an exceptional opportunity for aspiring scholars seeking to pursue doctoral studies. This prestigious scholarship is named in honor of Maxwell King, reflecting a commitment to academic excellence and research prowess. It is designed to support outstanding candidates in their pursuit of advanced research across various disciplines at Monash University. Recipients of this esteemed scholarship can expect not only financial assistance but also access to world-class faculty, state-of-the-art research facilities, and a vibrant academic community.

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To be eligible for the Maxwell King PhD Scholarship, candidates must meet specific academic criteria and demonstrate a strong research aptitude. The application process is rigorous, involving the submission of a comprehensive research proposal, academic transcripts, and letters of recommendation. Once selected, scholars will embark on a transformative academic journey, benefiting from a nurturing environment that encourages intellectual exploration and critical thinking. The scholarship not only provides financial support but also fosters a dynamic research community, positioning scholars for success in their academic pursuits and contributing to the advancement of knowledge in their respective fields.

Application Deadline

  • The application deadline is March 31, 2024.

Eligible Courses

The Monash University Maxwell King PhD Scholarship, Australia 2024-25 is a scheme that looks to reward high-achieving internationals, and it is only available for the courses below at the respective faculties:

  • All courses 

Eligible Countries

Students from the following nationalities are eligible:

  • All Countries

Scholarship Award Benefit

The university will provide all of the following:

  • Generous Financial Support: Monash University research scholarships cover tuition fees and provide living allowances, relieving students of financial burdens and enabling them to focus wholeheartedly on their research.
  • Contribution to Knowledge: Awardees have the privilege of engaging in high-quality research, offering them the opportunity to make significant contributions to the advancement of knowledge in their chosen fields.
  • Enhanced CV and Career Prospects: Monash University Research Scholarships are highly prestigious, adding significant value to a student’s CV. This accolade serves as a testament to academic excellence and can greatly boost career prospects.
  • Noteworthy Achievement: Receiving a Monash University Research Scholarship is a commendable accomplishment, showcasing the recipient’s exceptional academic competence and dedication to their field of study.
  • Global Exposure: Studying at Monash University means becoming part of a diverse student body in an institution with international campuses. This provides a unique opportunity for exposure to different cultures and perspectives, enriching the overall learning experience

Degree Type

The Monash University Maxwell King PhD Scholarship, Australia 2024-25 is for PhD applicants.

Number of Awards

  • Not specified 

Eligibility Criteria

All applicants must meet the following criteria to be considered for the Monash University Maxwell King PhD Scholarship, Australia 2024-25:

  1. Eligibility for International Students:
    • Students from around the world are eligible to apply for graduate research degrees at Monash University.
  2. Academic Excellence Requirements:
    • Applicants are typically expected to demonstrate outstanding academic achievements, often through a high-grade point average (GPA) or equivalent records from previous studies.
  3. Specific Academic Prerequisites:
    • Graduate research degrees at Monash University have specific academic prerequisites that all candidates must meet.
  4. Research Ability and Skills:
    • Applicants must exhibit the capacity to conduct independent research and possess the requisite training and skills relevant to their chosen course of study.
  5. English Language Proficiency:
    • Proficiency in the English language is a mandatory requirement for all graduate research degrees at Monash University.
  6. Varied English Language Standards:
    • It is crucial to be aware of the applicable English language proficiency standards, as some faculties may impose more stringent requirements.
  7. Consideration of Citizenship or Residency:
    • Certain scholarships may have restrictions related to citizenship or residency status. Therefore, applicants should verify their eligibility based on these criteria before applying.

Application Procedure

The following procedure remains the only viable route to apply rightfully:

  1. To initiate the application process, please click on the link provided at the end of this section 
  2. Begin by carefully reviewing the eligibility criteria outlined for the Monash University Research Scholarships.
  3. Identify the specific research scholarship(s) that align with your academic pursuits and career goals.
  4. In the event that you are not presently enrolled at Monash University, it will be necessary to submit an application for admission to a research program.
  5. Admission to a graduate research program at Monash University is contingent upon meeting the course-specific entry prerequisites.
  6. Proficiency in the English language is an essential prerequisite for all graduate research degrees. Therefore, it is imperative to familiarize yourself with the applicable English language proficiency standards.
  7. Typically, scholarship outcomes are announced approximately six weeks following the closure of the respective scholarship round. This timeline applies to both new applicants and currently enrolled students.
  8. For more comprehensive information about specific scholarships, we invite you to visit the official website..

Please click the Monash University Maxwell King PhD Scholarship, Australia 2024-25 to begin your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the FAQs that would help you in your scholarship search:

Monash University Maxwell King PhD Scholarship, Australia

  • It is a PhD position for only high-achieving applicants of the scholarship by Monash University.

What are Tips to Increase My Chances of Getting Selected

  • Follow deadlines and give all documentation correctly upon request.

Is this Scholarship for Both Domestic and Foreign Applicants?

  • This is for International applicants.

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