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Grinnell College’s Need Based Scholarship, USA 2024-25

This is to bring to your notice the application window for the Grinnell College’s Need Based Scholarship, USA 2024-25

Need Based Scholarship

Important Points 

Listed below are the key points to be noted about the Grinnell College’s Need Based Scholarship, USA 2024-25:

  • Funding is full 
  • All the following course offered at the host institution in respective departments and faculties are eligible for this scholarship:
    • All courses 
  • International and domestic students students are eligible for the Need Based Scholarship at Grinnell College
  • All undergraduate applicants are eligible

Brief Description

Grinnell College’s Need-Based Scholarship for the 2024-25 academic year presents a significant opportunity for students seeking higher education in the United States. This scholarship program is designed to support individuals with demonstrated financial need, making Grinnell College an accessible choice for those who might not otherwise afford a top-tier education. Grinnell’s commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive academic community is evident through this scholarship, as it aims to attract students from various backgrounds and experiences, enriching the college’s vibrant learning environment.

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The Need-Based Scholarship program at Grinnell College reflects the institution’s dedication to providing equitable access to education and empowering students to reach their full potential. By offering financial assistance to deserving students, Grinnell not only encourages academic excellence but also strengthens its reputation as a place where talented individuals from all walks of life can thrive and contribute to a dynamic campus community. This scholarship opportunity underscores Grinnell College’s mission to make quality education accessible to a wide range of students, ensuring that financial barriers do not hinder the pursuit of knowledge and personal growth.

Application Deadline

  • Application deadline is November 15, 2023 for early decision I and Jan 5, 2024

Eligible Courses

The Grinnell College’s Need Based Scholarship, USA 2024-25 is a scheme that looks to reward high-achieving internationals, and it is only available for the course below at the respective faculties:

  • All courses are eligible for the Need Based Scholarship

Eligible Countries

Students from the following nationalities are eligible:

  • All countries   

Scholarship Award Benefit

All of the following will be provided by the university:

  • Financial Support: Provides assistance with tuition and fees.
  • Access to Prestige: Offers access to a renowned academic institution.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Fosters a diverse and inclusive learning environment.
  • Personal Growth: Encourages personal development and critical thinking.
  • Community Engagement: Involvement in a supportive campus community.
  • Networking Opportunities: Access to a valuable alumni network.
  • Academic Excellence: Supports students in achieving their academic potential.
  • Contributing to Society: Empowers students to make a positive impact.
  • Reduced Student Loan Burden: Helps graduates potentially graduate with less debt.
  • Life-Long Learning: Promotes skills for continuous learning and adaptability.

Degree Type

The Grinnell College’s Need Based Scholarship, USA 2024-25 is for undergraduate applicants.

Number of Awards

  • Number of awards for the Need Based Scholarship at Grinnell College is Not specified 

Eligibility Criteria

All applicants must meet the following criteria to be considered for the Grinnell College’s Need Based Scholarship, USA 2024-25:

  • Demonstrated Financial Need: Applicants must demonstrate financial need through the application process.
  • Enrollment at Grinnell College: To be eligible, students must be admitted and enrolled at Grinnell College for the 2024-25 academic year.
  • Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress: Recipients are expected to maintain satisfactory academic progress throughout their enrollment.
  • U.S. Citizenship or Eligible Non-Citizen Status: Applicants must be U.S. citizens or eligible non-citizens to qualify for federal financial aid.
  • Completion of Required Financial Aid Forms: Students should complete all required financial aid forms, including the CSS Profile and FAFSA, by the specified deadlines.
  • Compliance with Noncustodial Parent Requirement: If applicable, students must comply with the noncustodial parent requirement or obtain a waiver if there is no contact with the noncustodial parent.
  • Adherence to Application Deadlines: Adherence to all application and submission deadlines is essential to be considered for this scholarship.
  • Stepparent Information: If the noncustodial parent is remarried, stepparent information must be included in the financial aid application.
  • Timely Submission of Required Documents: Applicants should submit all required financial documents, such as tax returns and W-2 forms, through the College Board IDOC service.

Application Procedure

The following procedure remains the only viable route to apply rightfully:

  • Indicate Your Intent for Need-Based Financial Aid: When applying to Grinnell College, you can express your intent to apply for need-based financial aid.
  • Complete the CSS Profile: The CSS Profile becomes available on October 1st. Grinnell College’s CSS Profile code is 6252. Please note that there is a fee associated with submitting the CSS Profile, but some students may qualify for an automatic fee waiver. You can find answers to frequently asked questions on the College Board’s website.
  • Separated or Unmarried Parents: If your biological or adoptive parents are not married or are living in separate households, both households must complete their own CSS Profile. Your noncustodial parent should create a personal College Board student account to complete a separate CSS Profile. If your noncustodial parent is remarried, you must include your stepparent’s information. Remember to keep your College Board account password confidential between you and your custodial parent.
  • Waiving the Noncustodial Parent Requirement: If you have no contact with your noncustodial parent, you have the option to complete a request to waive this requirement. You can securely submit the waiver petition and supporting documentation through IDOC or directly to the Office of Financial Aid.
  • Submit Required Documents Through IDOC: After completing the CSS Profile, you will be directed to use the College Board IDOC service to submit a signed and dated copy of your custodial parents’ 2022 federal tax return (including schedules) and W-2(s), if applicable. Detailed instructions will be provided on the College Board website immediately after you submit the CSS Profile.
  • Create Federal Student Aid IDs (FSA IDs): You and at least one custodial parent should create FSA IDs, which are separate usernames and passwords. These will be used to complete and sign the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Additional information on creating and using FSA IDs can be found in the provided PDF.
  • Complete the 2024–25 FAFSA: Starting in December 2023, complete the 2024–25 FAFSA to determine your eligibility for federal and state financial aid, including the Federal Pell Grant, Federal Direct Loans, and Iowa Tuition Grant. If you’re unsure about which parent(s) to report on the FAFSA, consult the instructions within the FAFSA. If possible, use direct data exchange to transfer 2022 income data into the FAFSA without making changes. Grinnell College’s school code for the FAFSA is 001868. Note that Early Decision applicants are not required to submit the FAFSA by the published deadline but should submit it as soon as it becomes available.

Please click the Grinnell College’s Need Based Scholarship, USA 2024-25 to begin your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the FAQs that would help you in your scholarship search:

Grinnell College’s Need Based Scholarship, USA

  • Grinnell College’s Need Based Scholarship, USA 2024-25 is an undergraduate position for only high-achieving applicants of the scholarship by Grinnell College 

What are Tips to Increase My Chances of Getting Selected

  • Follow deadlines and give all documentation correctly upon request.

Is this Scholarship for Both Domestic and Foreign Applicants?

  • Need Based Scholarship is for International and domestic applicants.

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