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Georg Forster Research Award by Humboldt Foundation, Germany 2023-24

This is to bring to your notice the application window for the Georg Forster Research Award by Humboldt Foundation, Germany 2023-24

Georg Forster Research Award

Important Points 

Listed below are the key points to be noted about the Georg Forster Research Award by Humboldt Foundation, Germany 2023-24:

  • Funding is partial 
  • All the following course offered at the host institution in respective departments and faculties are eligible for this scholarship:
    • All courses 
  • International students students are eligible
  • All Fellowship applicants are eligible

Brief Description

The Georg Forster Research Award is a prestigious recognition given to scholars from various academic fields. It acknowledges the entirety of a researcher’s accomplishments thus far. This award is reserved for individuals whose groundbreaking discoveries, innovative theories, or profound insights have not only made a notable impact within their own disciplines but have also reverberated beyond them. These scholars are distinguished by their potential to further advance research and provide solutions to the unique challenges encountered by transition and developing countries.

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The Georg Forster Research Award stands as a symbol of academic excellence and global influence. It celebrates scholars who have made enduring contributions to their fields, recognizing the profound implications of their work. Importantly, awardees are expected to continue their research efforts, addressing the specific issues and complexities faced by nations in transition and those striving for development. This award thus serves as both recognition of past achievements and a catalyst for ongoing research-driven solutions in the world’s diverse and evolving landscapes.

Application Deadline

  • Application deadlines is October 31, 2023

Eligible Courses

Georg Forster Research Award by Humboldt Foundation, Germany 2023-24 is a scheme that looks to reward high-achieving internationals, and it is only available for the course below at the respective faculties:

  • All courses 

Eligible Countries

Students from the following nationalities are eligible:

  • Afghanistan, Ecuador, Macedonia, Samoa Albania, Egypt, Madagascar, Sao Tomé, Príncipe Algeria, El Salvador, Malawi, Senegal, Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Malaysia, Serbia, Antigua and Barbuda, Eritrea, Maldives, Seychelles, Argentina, Ethiopia, Mali, Sierra Leone, Armenia, Marshall Islands, Solomon Islands, Azerbaijan, Fiji, Mauritania, Somalia, Mauritius, South Africa, Mexico, South Sudan, Bangladesh, Gabon, Micronesia, Fed. States, Sri Lanka, Belarus, Gambia, Moldova, Rep. St. Kitts and Nevis, Belize, Georgia, Montenegro, St. Lucia, Benin, Ghana, Morocco, St. Vincent, Bhutan, Grenada Mongolia, the Grenadines, Bolivia, Guatemala, Mozambique, Sudan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Guinea, Myanmar, Suriname, Botswana, Guinea-Bissau, Swaziland, Brazil, Guyana, Syria, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Namibia, Tajikistan, Haiti, Nauru, Tanzania, Honduras, Nepal, Thailand, Nicaragua, Timor-Leste Cambodia, Indonesia, Niger, Togo, Cameroon, Iran, Nigeria, Tonga, Cape Verde, Iraq Niue Tunisia, Central African Republic, Turkey, Chad, Jamaica, Turkmenistan, Chile , Jordan, Tuvalu, Colombia, Pakistan, Comoros, Kazakhstan, Palestinian territories, Congo, Dem. Rep. of Kenya, Palau, Uganda, Congo, Rep. of the Kiribati, Panama, Ukraine, Cook Islands, Korea, Dem. PR of Papua New Guinea, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Kosovo, Paraguay, Uzbekistan, Cote d’Ivoire, Kyrgyzstan, Peru, Cuba, Philippines, Vanuatu, Laos, Venezuela, Lesotho, Rwanda, Vietnam, Dominica, Lebanon, Dominican Republic, Liberia, Djibouti, Libya, Yemen, Zambia, Zimbabwe

Scholarship Award Benefit

All of the following will be provided by the university:

In addition to being fully funded, the following comes as an addition:

  • The award consists of a total sum of €60,000.
  • It’s important to note that, in accordance with German tax regulations, research awards like this one are typically not subject to income tax in Germany.

Degree Type

Georg Forster Research Award by Humboldt Foundation, Germany 2023-24 is for Fellowship applicants.

Number of Awards

  • Up to 6 

Eligibility Criteria

All applicants must meet the following criteria to be considered for the Georg Forster Research Award by Humboldt Foundation, Germany 2023-24:

Eligibility Based on Nationality:

  • Nominees should hold citizenship in a developing or transition country.
  • Note that this excludes individuals from the People’s Republic of China and India. Refer to the detailed list of eligible countries.

2. Residency and Workplace Requirement:

  • At the time of nomination, candidates must have resided and worked primarily in one of these eligible countries for a minimum of five years.

3. Encouragement for Female Researchers:

  • The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation strongly promotes the nomination of well-qualified female researchers.

For Scholarly Track

1.Doctorate Required

  • Applicants interested in the scholarly track should hold a doctorate (Ph.D. or its academic equivalent) at the time of application.

2. Strong Publication Record

  • Scholarly track applicants must demonstrate a proven record of publications in their field of expertise.

3. Detailed Research Plan

  • To qualify for the scholarly track, applicants need to have a well-developed research outline for their fellowship project.

4. Eligible Candidates Include:

  • College and university professors.
  • Researchers.
  • Journalists.
  • Writers from developing and aspiring democracies.
  • Distinguished scholars from established democracies are also eligible.

5. Scholarly Publications May Qualify

  • Occasionally, professionals planning to write a book or another scholarly publication may be eligible to apply for the scholarly track.

Eligibility Requirement for all Applicants

  • Citizens of any country may apply
  • Proficiency in the English language
  • Topics focusing on the political, social, economic, legal, or cultural aspects of democratic development
  • Availability to be in residence at the International Forum for Democratic Studies in Washington, D.C., during the year for which candidates are applying for a fellowship

Application Procedure

The following procedure remains the only viable route to apply rightfully:

  • To initiate your application process, kindly complete the online nomination form for the Georg Forster Research Award by registering on our platform. For detailed guidance on the nomination process, including selection criteria and procedures, please refer to the Guidelines available on the Humboldt Foundation’s website.

Please click the Georg Forster Research Award by Humboldt Foundation, Germany 2023-24 to begin your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the FAQs that would help you in your scholarship search:

Georg Forster Research Award by Humboldt Foundation, Germany

  • It is a Fellowship position for only high-achieving applicants of the scholarship by Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany through the Humboldt Foundation

What are Tips to Increase My Chances of Getting Selected

  • Follow deadlines and give all documentation correctly upon request.

Is this Scholarship for Both Domestic and Foreign Applicants?

  • This is for International applicants.

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