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How To Apply For Hanze University Scholarships at Hanze University Groningen, Netherlands 2022

This is to bring to your notice that the application window for the Hanze University Scholarships at Hanze University Groningen, Netherlands 2022, is now open for interested and qualified applicants.

Hanze University Scholarships

Important Points 

Listed below are the summarized points you need to note about the Hanze University Scholarships

  • Funding is partial
  • They take Renewable Energy, Sustainable Energy System Management, Data Science, Life Sciences, Fine Arts, System Engineering courses at Hanze University Groningen
  • International Students and Non European Students are eligible
  • All Masters students are eligible

Brief Description 

The Hanze Scholarship program provides financial support to Minerva Art Academy bachelor students from outside the European Economic Area (EEA).

Application Deadline

The Application Deadline is July 16, 2022.

Eligible Courses

The Hanze University Scholarships at Hanze University Groningen, Netherlands 2022, is a scheme that looks to reward high-achieving international, and it is only available for the course below:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Sustainable Energy System Management
  • Data Science
  • Life Sciences
  • Fine Arts
  • System Engineering
  • Business studies
  • Music

Eligible Countries 

Students from the following nationalities are eligible for Hanze University Scholarships

  •  International Students and Non European 
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Scholarship Award Benefit

  • Each academic year, the Hanze Scholarship is worth € 10,000. Selected students will get a scholarship in the form of € 1,000 monthly allowances.
  • The Hanze Scholarship is a stipend to help with living expenses; it cannot be used to lower the tuition fee. A grant letter detailing the scholarship amount, on the other hand, might be utilized to lower the overall amount of the financial guarantee.
  • Please keep in mind that € 10,000 is only a portion of what is required to study at Hanze UAS. For additional information, see our sections on living costs and immigration processes.

Degree Level

The Hanze University Scholarships at Hanze University Groningen, Netherlands 2022

, is primarily for masters level programs at Hanze University.

Number of Awards

Not specified 

Eligibility Criteria

All applicants must meet the following criteria to be considered for the scholarship program:

  • Your nationality is not from the European Economic Area.
  • You’ve been accepted into one of these full-time Master’s programs, which will begin in September 2022:
  • Renewable Energy Master’s Degree in Europe
  • Sustainable Energy System Management: An European Master’s Degree
  • For Life Sciences, Master Data Science
  • Mastering Energy for the Good of Society
  • Fine Art and Design Master’s Degree:
  • Practices of Interrelational Art (iRAP)
  • Technology, Media, Art, and Design (MADtech)
  • Painting
  • Material-driven processes in art and design, as well as archival methods (MADAM)
  • Learn how to communicate internationally.
  • Master Musician:
  • Classical music is a type of music that is played in
  • New Audiences and Cutting-Edge Techniques
  • Jazz in New York
  • Become an expert in smart systems engineering
  • Interdisciplinary Business Professional with a Master’s Degree in Business Studies
  • At Hanze UAS, you must actively study and engage in all classes and projects.
  • Please keep in mind that certain programs have additional criteria, which you may read on the program websites (see above).

Application Procedure

To apply for the Hanze University Scholarships all arranged and organized steps have been highlighted below:

If you want to be considered for the scholarship, you must first be accepted into the program. See Application and (re-)enrolment for details on how to get enrolled.

The program’s admissions officer will provide accepted candidates an invitation to apply for the award as well as a link to the Hanze Scholarship application form.

On or before July 13, 2022, you will be notified of the outcome of our selection.

Following your decision, you will get more practical information regarding scholarship acceptance, procedure, and payment.

Please click Hanze University Scholarships at Hanze University Groningen, Netherlands 2022, to begin your application

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