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Meet 57-year-old Jacob Bright Who Won About $1 Million in Full Funding from 30 Institutions

Jacob Bright, a 57-year-old black teenager from Chicago, Illinois, has received over $1 million in merit scholarships and admission to over 30 institutions.

Jacob Bright

The black genius, a senior at Chicago’s Bogan Computer Technical High School, is on track to earn a 4.47-grade point average upon graduation.

Along with Jacob Bright’s six other siblings, he was groomed by a single mother and achieved academic success. He also took part in a number of groups and recreational activities.

Jacob Bright’s mother stated to NBC Chicago in a statement that;

“No matter what challenges life throws at you, just go for it and make your own tale; we are aware that there are myths about our black males out there, but it is up to us to alter those myths,”

Jacob Bright just got acknowledgment emails from more than 30 institutions, including Loyola, DePaul, Northern Illinois, and North Central, proving that his perseverance paid off. Furthermore, he received full scholarships totaling more than $1 million.

Jacob Bright stated as follows:

“When I’m known, I won’t simply be another Black youngster in the news for something negative like gang violence or me getting shot in the wrong place,” the young man said. When they see me, I want them to think, “Wow, he’s actually out there doing something we truly believed we couldn’t do just because of how he looked,”

It’s not impossible. Again, I am just a kid from Chicago that put the work in and put the time in, and [hopefully] somebody else is seeing this and they’re like ‘wow I can do it too.” – Thomas concluded

CTA on Jacob Bright’s Scholarship Awards

Stephen Thomas already summed up everything that should have been in the CTA ( Call to Action) here. He has defiled myths, gone straight for what he believed he is, inspired upcoming generations, and given hope to the hopeless. At Jevemo, Stephen Thomas’s drive is our mission. We want to see you succeed, this is why we are constantly updating our website with numerous scholarship offers. Take advantage of that and apply today!