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23-year-old Kay Shanice Earns a Psychology Degree from UK University Despite Nursing a Set of Twins

Kay Shanice, a 23-year-old woman from the United Kingdom, just received her bachelor’s degree after having to leave school early to care for her twin boys.

Kay Shanice

Kay Shanice, who had a bachelor’s degree in psychology, said that she left school at the age of 19 when she became pregnant and never returned. She did not, however, let her circumstances mark the end of her pursuit of knowledge.

Kay Shanice chose to re-enroll in school to finish her degree after giving birth to twin sons. Finally, at the age of 23, she earned a psychology degree from one of the institutions in the United Kingdom.

“I left school four years ago after discovering I was pregnant. In addition to being a full-time mother to these wild boys, I will have finished my psychology degree in two days,” she stated on Twitter.

She said, “I can’t wait for our next chapter.” Despite putting equal emphasis on her academic work and her family responsibilities, she expressed delight at her achievement.

CTA on Kay Shanice’s Story

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