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Motivational Story of an Hopeless Stephen Keyland and How He Won a Jackson State University Scholarship

Stephen Keyland, an 18-year-old graduate of Stockbridge High School in Stockbridge, Georgia, has five full university scholarships which include one at Jackson State University to his name after winning the school’s track racing competition.

Stephen Keyland

A few weeks before his high school graduation, he and his mother were forced from their home and began living in their car.

Going to school every day and not displaying it, it was a little difficult, Stephens said in his narration for Channel 2. But my mother and I persisted, we both.

Vickie Reid, Stephen Keyland’s mother, said that their house was set up while she and her son were at work and school, respectively. Vickie worked in the cafeteria at her son’s school.

Stephen Keyland also described how they arrived while they were at school and unloaded all of their belongings onto their yard.

He didn’t let this incident hinder how well he did in the athletics competition; in fact, he shattered the season’s record for the triple jump and set a new one.

CTA on Stephen Keyland’s Story 

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