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Malysian Lady, Zohrin Aidan Graduates From a Malaysian University With a Class

A top university in Malaysia, awarded Zohrin Aidan a first-class honors BSc degree; she is the first graduate in her family. Putri Nadea Adrianna announced her accomplishment on her Facebook page.

Zohrin Aidan

While wearing her graduation gown and sharing this tale with some lovely photographs, Zohrin Aidan wrote;

“First in family to graduate with First Class Honours in BSC with Honors in Architecture,”

Convocation is long delayed, but the four arduous years of physical blood, sweat, and tears spent earning this degree have now paid off. Grateful to my mother and father for their unwavering support of my passion for design and their ongoing guidance (i.e., talking me through my 4 am breakdown calls), as well as to all of my university peers who have always supported me when I needed them and to my closest friends who have remained a constant despite my MIA periods. Without each of you, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

“My passion for aesthetics, together with my curiosity and lack of clarity regarding the area of design I wanted to focus on most, led me to apply for the course. A course that would provide me with a variety of employment options, but I suppose it grew on me as soon as I started and flourished as the years went by. These years consumed ALL of me, from making the dean’s list to publishing a design+psychology paper in the middle of it all.”

In retrospect, “architorture” has really had the most impact on my character development and broadened my perspectives on everything that matters to me and is important to society as a whole, including design.” Putri Nadea Adrianna said.

Naturally, this is only the start. Zohrin Aidan also said that she is hoping to succeed in any manner she can and see what else she can learn and become from this point forward.

P.S. My clumsiest, forever-broken heels did shatter on stage.

CTA on Zohrin Aidans Story

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