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Strathclyde Graduate, Callum Inglis Wins Big at the 33rd annual Young Software Engineer of the Year Awards

At the 33rd annual Young Software Engineer of the Year Awards, a Strathclyde Computer Science alumnus, Callum Inglis got the Best Engineering Project honor.

Callum Inglis

At the presentation, Callum Inglis received the Leidos Best Engineering Prize for creating an inexpensive, off-grid sensor monitoring system that can do remote sensing in places without any kind of infrastructure.

Inglis’ demonstration of his system concentrated on gathering data on indoor and outdoor air quality, even though the system is designed to be relevant to many different industries. This data might potentially be utilized to support and inform public health decisions.

Callum Inglis was honored to have been nominated for the competition on behalf of the institution and to win the title of “Best Engineering Project,” said Callum Inglis. When combined with the networking possibilities provided by the awards themselves and the ensuing industry recognition and attention, I’m really pleased with my accomplishments.

CTA on Callum Inglis’ Story 

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