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African Man, Charles Osuji Emerges Outright Owner of the Biggest Black-owned Canadian Law Firms

Charles Osuji’s desire for hard work has now earned his firm the largest black-owned law firm in Canada and has now started gaining all the deserved recognition.

Charles Osuji

One of the largest Black-owned law companies in Canada is located in Alberta and goes by the name Osuji and Smith Lawyers. It aspires to provide possibilities for various attorneys and clients.

The company’s CEO and managing owner, Charles Osuji, began his career in 2017 in his native Nigeria.

Charles Osuji explained how he was able to get this far by saying;

I did not know many people. My last name wasn’t well known, so I didn’t have a professional network or someone to recommend me.

“Thank goodness, I met someone who knew someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows Mr. Smith, and that’s how I got my foot in the door. I wish to facilitate the way for others who follow me. He stated


However, James Smith founded the current Osuji and Smith Lawyers in 1980 as Smith Law Office. Charles Osuji is currently retired, but his profile is still prominent on the Osuji and Smith website.

Charles Osuji claimed;

“Individuals who resemble me tend not to sit at the decision-making table, and it is an honor for me to be here. I’m paying it forward by providing other people who resemble me with a chance to advance in their professional careers,”

More people, especially those like me, will have room in this area.

“They feel at ease, they feel they will be understood, and they feel that the person across the table will appreciate their particular position,” he said.

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