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Meet the 5 High School Teenagers Who Completed College at a Record Age

Meet the bright middle schoolers who began as the first set of Icon Preparatory School students pursuing college dual enrollment coursework and finishing their first year of college. They are Kaitlyn Archie-McDonald, 14, Miracle Butler, 14, Keniah Washington, 13, Keyanna Grant, 13, and Tyreek Nash, 14. (absent from photo).


This talented young cohort was the first to enroll in college dual enrollment courses at Florida’s Icon Preparatory School in Tampa and Jacksonville. They are 13 and 14, and they just finished their first year of college as well as three years of high school. Keniah and Keyanna, the group’s youngest members, started pursuing college classes when they were 12 years old.

Over 800 students are taught at the private Icon Preparatory School, which has campuses in Tampa and Jacksonville, Florida. Icon Prep is devoted to bridging the achievement gap between its scholars and more wealthy peers and is available to all students in the state of Florida. Icon Preparatory School encourages its pupils to realize their full potential and prepares them for life in college and beyond with the idea that a student’s zip code does not decide their destiny. Five of the six founders of Icon Prep attended Florida A&M University, a historically black university that takes pride in encouraging academic success and compassion in all of its students.

The founders of Icon Prep want to have a substantial influence on their predominantly African American and Hispanic student body by using the information they’ve learned during their time at HBCUs. The dual enrollment students plan to graduate from Saint Leo University with an associate’s degree in the upcoming academic year. Then, as juniors, they will transfer to another four-year institution to finish their bachelor’s degrees.

CTA on Their College Completion

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