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Double Congratulations as Pregnant HBCU Student, Jada Sayles Delivers, Gets Awarded Her Degree Certificate at the Hospital

A few hours after giving birth to a baby boy in the hospital, Jada Sayles, a student from New Orleans, Louisiana, surprises everyone by earning her bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and corrections from Dillard University.

Jada Sayles

Jada Sayles, who was eagerly anticipating her graduation from the HBCU Dillard University, had her plans upset when she went into labor just hours before the ceremony.

Jada Sayles shared the incident on Twitter and shared photos of herself and her child with the remark;

I was expecting to walk across the stage to receive my degree, but instead, I gave birth to my child.

My darling face decided to make his way on MY big day (now his), and she continued.

The school stepped up to surprise Jada Sayles with a graduation ceremony after learning that she wouldn’t be able to make it to her ceremony.


Walter M. Kimbrough, the university’s president, announced the wonderful news on his Twitter page and wrote:

“Jada Sayles gave birth on Friday night. She texted me at 4:30 am on Saturday to let me know she was being admitted and the baby was born the day of her graduation.

So that I could end my term in the most memorable way, we drove up to the hospital.

Jada Sayles was filmed earning her degree at the hospital while donning her graduation cap and gown in a video that the university president posted. In the background, her family members could be heard encouraging her.

Sayles added, in her words;

“Congratulations to my university for still bringing me my diploma and degree,” I’m a mother and a college graduate; be polite to me.

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