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18-year-old Jonathan Walker Receives a $4 million Engineering Sponsorship

Jonathan Walker, an excellent 18-year-old from Panama City, Florida in the US, was admitted to 27 US institutions following high school graduation with a 4.85 GPA.

Additionally, Jonathan Walker received a total of $4 million in scholarships from colleges notably MIT, Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania, and Johns Hopkins.

“It’s incredible to believe considering I submitted to so many institutions and was accepted. Although it’s extremely uncommon for anything like that to materialize, Jonathan Walker expressed his excitement at the occurrence getting admitted into 27 US Institutions.

Jonathan Walker

As Jonathan Walker prepares to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, the 18-year-old, who went to Rutherford High School in Florida, wishes to encourage fellow Black teenagers to pursue their aspirations of emerging innovators. He mentioned to GMA how his family’s gift of a chemical kit sparked his interest in science and this played an important role in him getting accepted into 27 US Institutions.

I was able to direct my fascination into science, which quickly developed into engineering, the man said.

Jonathan Walker hasn’t decided which of the 27 institutions he’ll attend. He must make the tough decision of attending one of the Ivy League schools, such as Yale, Stanford, or the University of Pennsylvania.


So, I’ve started attempting to truly take in how fortunate it is that I was accepted into every one of these universities. So it’s simply like relaxing and taking in the scenery, he remarked.

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By using engineering, Jonathan Walker wants to assist individuals. Walker had also been researching on copyright for a Braille mechanism that he and his old colleague Alex Johnson created while he was filling out his petition.

Walker declared, “I’ve always liked making things that benefit others, so I absolutely want to expand that.”

He disclosed that he intends to major in electrical engineering, maybe together with biomedical engineering. He said, “I’m considering concentrating in electrical engineering and potentially biomedical engineering to eventually produce medical technologies to aid underserved populations with health issues.”

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