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Meer 11-year-old Tre’shawn Pittard, the Youngest Entrepreneur in North Toledo

Tre’shawn Pittard, an Ohio child in the fifth grade at Riverside Elementary in North Toledo, has apparently been operating a lawn care and gardening services company.


Despite attending elementary school, the Tre’shawn Pittard still finds time after school to run and manage the company.

When Tre’shawn was much younger, he started to get interested in this industry. The little child, who was reared by a single mother, recently obtained approval from his mother’s lover to mow the lawn? He started mowing the lawns of his acquaintances and his mother after getting consent.

The little youngster produced imaginative professional business cards to advertise his offerings and to make his business appear more respectable.

Pittard consistently strives to carry out his clients’ work flawlessly. He stated, “I simply have to have this yard right,” when speaking with WTOL.

Tre’shawn Pittard is eager to expand his offerings, including leaf and snow disposal, for additional seasons.


Call or contact 567-377-7880 for additional information about the young child who is doing wonders in the business world.

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