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57-year-old Andrea Hayes Dixon Makes History as She Emerges as First Female Dean Of Medical College at Howard University

Dr. Andrea Hayes Dixon, a distinguished 57-year-old surgeon, has made history at Howard University in the United States by becoming the first black woman to hold the position of dean of the college of medicine there.

Andrea Hayes Dixon

In a week, Dr. Andrea Hayes Dixon is anticipated to resume her formal duties, breaking the milestone of becoming the first black woman to hold that position in the 145-year history of the university.

Beginning her higher education, Dr. Andrea Hayes Dixon earned a Bachelor of Arts in Religion from Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. According to Wikipedia, she subsequently agreed to work in a leukemia lab and developed a passion for medicine.

She subsequently studied at the Geisel School of Medicine, where she graduated with her M.D. in 1991. University President Wayne A. I. Frederick hails her as an excellent leader while announcing her selection as the first black woman to serve as Dean of the Howard University College of Medicine.

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