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Twitter User, Ayo Kunle Reminisces Following His Childhood Experience 

Netizens reacted to a young man’s touching photos of himself as a baby in his mother’s arms while she was serving in the corps and of himself with his mother after his duty.

Ayo Kunle

A young Nigerian graduate who recently finished the NYSC program posted a really endearing and enduring image. The picture showed as a little child in his mother’s arms while she performed her community service. Years ago, when she was younger, the woman went camping with her small son, Ayo Kunle. Little Ayo Kunle may be seen in an old photo shared on Twitter sporting his mother’s NYSC headgear as she is dressed in khaki. Ayo Kunle’s mother was smiling broadly as she carried him in her arms.

Ayo Kunle is now an adult who has completed her education and the NYSC program. To honor his mother, the young guy went back to his house. He put his cap on his mother’s head, just as she had permitted him to wear her cap back then.

CTA on Ayo Kunle’s Story

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