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Jigawa-born Isah Usman Shows Gratitude as He Breaks a 40-Year History in ABU

Isah Usman Sabo Gamji, who was born in Jigawa State, has been outspoken about his rocky path through college. Isah, an ABU alumnus, never imagined he would receive the top departmental grade at graduation.

Isah Usman

When I originally enrolled at ABU, I never imagined it would be feasible to earn a first-class degree in the department of business education, the student stated.

Isah Usman claimed that the reason he believed it was because lecturers and students had discouraged him by telling him that it had been 40 years since the department had produced a first-class graduate.

Isah Usman admits that both academically and otherwise, he had a difficult path. He said that praying and making intelligent buddy selections were other tactics in addition to reading.

In addition to prayers and choosing the ideal individuals to hang out with, Isah Usman remarked, “After going through a great deal of hardship and scholastic problems, diligent reading was not the only weapon I depended on.”

The ABU graduate also mentioned that receiving the love and support of his mother Maryam Isah and brother Tijjani Usman following the passing of his father Usman Sabo Gamji was one of the key factors in his success.

Actually, overcoming a long list of scholastic obstacles like I had was not a simple task, he said. My achievements and accomplishments, however, are all due to the Almighty God, who gave me the fortitude to face my limitations and the strength to go through my academic hurdles. He also blessed me with the ability to care for and support those who aid me along the path. “Finally, Who blessed me with a loving, supportive family. “

“My family is everything to me; I owe them a great deal.”

CTA on Isah Usman’s Story

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