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Nigerian Man, Isaac Ajayi Shares Insights as to How He Passed His MBA Exams Within 4 Months at NexFord University

A young, talented African man, Isaac Ajayi, who earned a master’s degree in business administration from the prestigious Nexford university revealed his success story.

Isaac Ajayi

With God at your side and resolve in your mind, anything is achievable, said Isaac Ajayi on LinkedIn. Even though it can seem like an insurmountable task, if you have faith in yourself, you can complete it.

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Here is Isaac Ajayi’s Shared Insight

According to Isaac Ajayi, he registered at Nexford University with the hopes that he would be able to pay for my education. My MBA program will start there in July 2021.

But if you fast-forward to August 2021, all hope for funding my education has been lost. Fortunately, I didn’t give up because I only planned to enroll in one course for August, so I can still pay for my studies out of my pocket.


Isaac Ajayi earned a distinction in the first course, after which he notified the faculty that he would not be continuing his studies since, starting in September 2021, he would not be able to support himself through the university.

In the first week of September 2021, he unexpectedly received assistance from God, which made him feel somewhat relaxed and hopeful.

According to Nexford’s tuition projections, the money provided will only cover four of the twelve months of an MBA program, and he needed to complete 13 courses to graduate.

He sat down, gave it some thought, and told himself he had to take calculated chances. Once he had decided, he wrote to the faculty to ask them to sign him up for 4 courses every month so he could finish his MBA by January 2022.

Remember, he had 12 courses remaining to do after completing one in August.

The School retorted that he wouldn’t be able to take four courses each month owing to the workload and how difficult it would be for him to juggle academics with family, career, and other obligations, but he insisted.

He signed up for four (4) classes, and in September 2021, he started putting his willpower to the test.

Without more ado, he realized it was an impossible task for him, and he immediately wrote to the faculty to beg that they drop three classes and leave him with one, but at that point, school rules made it impossible.

That’s how he made the decision to take a chance and climb the ominous mountain in front of him. He was exhausted, and he had breakdowns, but in the end, he finished all of his courses in January 2021.

He didn’t only finish all 13 of the needed courses for my MBA, but he also received 12 As and 1 B.

It wasn’t by magic that he earned an international MBA in four (4) months with a CGPA of 3.92/4.00; rather, he had to put in a lot of effort, sleepless nights, and weekly projects and assignments in addition to his regular workload, personal responsibilities, and other learning activities.

” I’m happy to let you know that I successfully completed and received my international MBA from Nexford University.” Isaac Ajayi wrote

With God on your side and resolve in your heart, everything is possible. Even though it can seem like an insurmountable task, if you have faith in yourself, you can complete it.

Your child graduated with honors, my mentor David Ketchen, sir. What about hiring him? 😆😆😆🙌🙏💥

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