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16-year-old Nigerian Genius, John Oseni Secures a Senior Web Developer Role in Italy

John Oseni, a 16-year-old talented Nigerian boy who has achieved great success as a web developer in his own country, has made it to Italy.

John Oseni

At the age of 14, John Oseni, who had completed his secondary education at Command Day Secondary School in Akure, Nigeria, enrolled in a Web Development training facility.

John Oseni was recruited from Nigeria to Italy by an Italian corporation two years after enrolling because they saw his talent.

John recalled his experience, beginning at the age of 14 with a large laptop with 2GB of RAM, up until an Italian company, Flywallet, situated in Roma, Lazio, Italy, engaged him to work as a Blockchain Developer for the company.

In John Oseni’s post describing the moment he left Nigeria, he claimed it was his first time on a plane and that both he and his parents were astounded by how quickly he had grown.

Everyone will agree that everything in life has a first time. No one could have predicted my enormous growth before my first flight; even my parents are shocked that it has reached this point, he said on Linkedin.

CTA on John Oseni’s Story 

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