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24-year-old Kenneth Gorham Becomes Movement Middle School’s Youngest Principal 

North Carolina A&T State University alumnus Kenneth Gorham has been named Movement Middle School in Charlotte, North Carolina, principal. He is the youngest principal of the school in history at the age of 24.

Kenneth Gorham

In 2019, Kenneth Gorham graduated from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, an HBCU, with a bachelor’s degree in political science. He later served as a teacher and an instructional coach before taking the helm as Movement School’s principal. Kenneth Gorham was picked, according to the school administration, since he inspires others and makes a fantastic leader.

Superintendent Jenika Mullen stated, “When we think about hiring, it’s basically about your leadership abilities. Are you someone that others will want to imitate and be motivated by? The response is affirmative for Mr. Kenneth Gorham. Since his appointment, he has made an effort to encourage students in achieving their goals, which has earned the admiration of both students and their parents. A parent of one of the pupils, Moya Montgomery, stated: “He always offers every student a hug as they enter Movement Middle School’s doors. A high five is preferable to a hug.

The management of the school also believes that Kenneth Gorham’s hiring would alter public perceptions of what a principal should look like. “What I hope people see is not only inspired by Mr. Gorham’s experience, but also has this attitude shift, and how were you hanging on to almost like these expectations of what you believe someone should look like, when you think someone should be, and what’s the appropriate fit? Sincerely, a lot of stuff is biased,” Mullen continued. 

Additionally, according to the US Department of Education, public school principals are 48 on average. Kenneth Gorham believes that despite his youth as principal, he will inspire and empower the kids at Movement School.

“My goal is to genuinely empower our youngsters to show them beyond what the world may assume or perceive,” a black male educator and leader said. Every single day, you can modify that story, according to Gorham.

CTA on Kenneth Gorham’s Story

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