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25-year-old Babcock Graduate, Priscilla Asikhia Bags Her PhD After an Undergraduate Degree at 19

The young woman, Priscilla Asikhia who studied human resources and personnel administration began her university education at age 15 and received her PhD at age 25. She is presently Babcock University, Ilisan, Ogun State’s youngest PhD holder. A brilliant Nigerian woman named Priscilla Asikhia has established a nearly unbreakable academic record.

Priscilla Asikhia

The 25-year-old just received a Doctor of Philosophy from Babcock University in Ilisan, Ogun state (PhD). Priscilla described how she succeeded after ten years of arduous study that led to the receipt of a PhD on her LinkedIn page. Priscilla described on her LinkedIn page how she succeeded after ten years of arduous study that led to the receipt of a PhD. 

Priscilla Asikhia, who began her university education at the age of 15, graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at the age of 19. She said: “…successful 10 years of school has given me a solid understanding of Educational Research, Administration, and Human Resources.” She pursued her Master’s program and graduated with a degree in business administration and management at the age of 22, and then she continued her studies for a PhD in human resources and personnel administration shortly after.

At age 25, the fearless Priscilla Asikhia successfully completed her PhD. She is now the university’s youngest PhD holder thanks to this accomplishment. “I am glad to report that I have just gotten a Ph.D. degree, making me Babcock University’s youngest Ph.D. graduate,” the young woman, who is now one of Nigeria’s youngest physicians, stated.

“I firmly feel I can benefit the country and the entire globe with the information I’ve acquired over the last several years. The achievement belongs solely to God. I had the chance to put what I had learned in these previous years into practice during my two years of employment at Emzor Pharmaceuticals as an HR and Business Operation Specialist. “Believe me, it hasn’t been simple. At such a young age, having to balance work and school has been challenging, but praise God that He has been by my side the entire time. The word of scripture that motivates me is Philippians 4:13, which reads, “I can do all things through Christ who empowers me.

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