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American Lady, Rachael Modupeoluwa Ayankunbi Bags Fulbright Scholarship, Set to Scoop Her PhD From Howard University

Meet Rachael Modupeoluwa Ayankunbi, a Nigerian-American who recently got the US Fulbright Scholarship to pursue her Ph.D. She graduated with honors from Howard University in Washington, DC, with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology.

Rachael Modupeoluwa Ayankunbi

Rachael Modupeoluwa Ayankunbi, a native of Maryland, is a student at Howard University majoring in biology and minoring in chemistry.

She also intends to pursue an MD-Ph.D. to train as a cardiothoracic surgeon and conduct research on lung cancer cells, according to Howard University.

She maintained a second minor in Classical Civilization throughout her undergraduate studies as she pursued a penchant for ancient Greek art and literature. She graduated from Prince George’s Community College in Maryland, the United States, with an Associate of Arts degree.

She was one of the recipients of the prestigious US Fulbright Scholarship, which will enable her to study at the Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens, Greece, the role of epigenetic regulators in the development of bladder cancer, thanks to her outstanding undergraduate performance.

The scholarship was awarded to Rachael Ayankunbi and two other Howard University alumni.

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