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17-Year-Old Genius, Shanya Robinson Scoops $1m in Full Funding,  Gets Admitted to More than 17 Institutions

Shanya Robinson, a 17-year-old Pennsylvanian who received admission offers from roughly 18 prestigious American institutions, was given a scholarship worth over $1 million.

Shanya Robinson

Shanya Robinson submitted applications to more than 25 US institutions as a result of her stellar grades at George Washington Carver High School. She graduated from high school with a stellar GPA of 3.2, making her one of the best students in the nation.

She expressed her surprise at the number of admissions offers from prestigious colleges, each of which came with scholarships valued at around $1,074,260. She told GMA, in her own words. “I was rather ecstatic. I didn’t really anticipate it.

Christine Owens, Shanya Robinson’s aunt, also expressed disbelief at her niece receiving scholarships for more than $1 million, noting that she had always been an exceptional student who had high marks.

“We are ecstatic,” she exclaimed. I was aware that she wouldn’t have any trouble getting into universities, but we had no idea she would receive this much scholarship money.

When Shanya Robinson realized the number of scholarships she had been given, she claimed she was unsure of how to respond. “I was pretty astonished,” she remarked. I was at a loss for what to do. I wasn’t sure if I could laugh or weep, and I had no idea what to do.

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