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17-Year-Old Riviera Beach From Florida Emerges the Best SAT Candidate After Having a 1600 Perfect Score 

Meet 17-year-old Riviera Beach, Florida student Justin Ricketts, who recently received a flawless 1600 on the SAT exam. Several top universities have accepted him.

Riviera Beach

Riviera will study at either Harvard, Princeton, or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He aspires to work as a neurosurgeon.

“I certainly want to go to school in New England, ideally, so those are my top possibilities right now,” Justin stated in a chat with CBS12.

Riviera Beach excels academically and is also involved in extracurricular pursuits. He just took part in a national debate in Kentucky, and in the fall, he’ll lead his school’s debate team as president.

Riviera is scheduled to enroll in a special program at the Research Institute at MIT to research visual stress.

Big congratulations to Riviera Beach for his accomplishment!

CTA on Riviera Beach’s Story 

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