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Young Shana Otieno Bags a USIU Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism, Gives Her Grandma a First Time Plane Experience 

Shana Otieno, a young woman who recently earned a degree in journalism and public relations from the United States International University (USIU), flew her grandma to attend the ceremony.

Shana Otieno

The young lady, Shana Otieno admitted that she went to great lengths to invite her grandma to share in the occasion since she was always there for her.

Shana Otieno acknowledges that her tale has included a variety of heroines and heroes, but for her, it was her grandmother who stood out because of her deep love for her family.

When her father passed away, she claimed that her grandma provided her and her mother with a lot of assistance.

It was difficult. When my dad went away, my mother—her lone child—really served as a backup for her, according to Shana.

Shana Otieno also said how her grandma visited while her mother was sick and assisted in nursing her back to health.


After finishing her elementary school, Shana spent two years at home before her grandma learned about it and submitted it for her.

When she got there, she realized that she had thought of a way to assist her in paying her expenses. They eventually traveled 16 kilometers together begging for school fees.

Shana Otieno said that the 80-year-old would buy poultry to sell, save money for food, and was present when their home caught fire.

I adore this woman and thank God for the chance to be a part of her life as a steadfast supporter of perseverance, self-control, and humility. May you live longer, my prayer warrior,” she prayed.

CTA on Shana Otieno’ Story 

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