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Young Lady, Taryn Thomas Breaks 138-Year Beaumont High School’s History to Become First Black Valedictorian

In the 138-year history of her school, a young lady named Taryn Thomas made history by becoming the first Black valedictorian.

Taryn Thomas

Taryn Thomas proudly graduated from Beaumont High School among hundreds of others, leaving her name in the history books.

The prodigy lamented the prejudice and discrimination she encountered in school in her valedictory speech on the day of her graduation.

“I have to keep it a secret with you guys since I’m the first Black valedictorian ever. I didn’t have fun being here. Since I’ve been admitted to Stanford University, my dream school, I’ve been called slurs, I can’t escape the muttered “affirmative action,” and I’ve been threatened with violence for merely trying to denounce these injustices, she claimed, according to the Record Gazette.

Taryn Thomas didn’t give up; she joined forces with others to address equity in her school and make a difference so that kids who come after her can attend school without going through similar experiences.

Taryn Thomas pleaded with her coworkers and the administrators of the school to speak up and defend their convictions.

“Despite how many people may disagree, we must talk and act in an authentic manner. In the wide uncharted territory that lies before us, it is our duty to lead this planet in righteousness, she remarked.

Social media users were moved by the prodigy’s high school graduation pictures that she posted.

CTA on Taryn Thomas’ Story 

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