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Dr. Sydney Freeman Emerges the First African Male To Attain the University of Idaho’s Full Professor Position 

This story is about Dr. Sydney Freeman Jr., the 36-year-old who at the University of Idaho became the first African American male to be elevated to the level of Full Professor in historical record.

Sydney Freeman

On a career pathway, Dr. Sydney Freeman, who is sprung straight from slaves, was able to gain the full professorship in just 5 years and 7 months as opposed to the norm of 10 to 12 years for others. Being only 36 years old while most full professors begin their careers at age 55 is what makes Sydney’s story so remarkable.

2011 saw Dr. Sydney Freeman get his first degree from Auburn University in Higher Education Administration. He was hired by Tuskegee University after receiving his degree, where he spent more than three years as the Director of the Teaching and Learning Center.

Before being promoted most recently to the position of Full Professor, the intelligent young man began his employment at the University of Idaho as an Associate Professor. In his speech, he expressed the wish that more Black individuals will be appointed as professors.

Dr. Sydney Freeman stated the following to CBS 2 Idaho News:

“It’s crucial for us to not just have discussions about it but also to invest in diversifying professors and staff while also keeping them if we want to see Idaho develop and become more inclusive.”

CTA on Dr. Sydney Freeman’s Record Appointment 

On Dr. Sydney Freeman’s appointment,  the fascinating part of the story is not in the fact that he was appointed a full professor ( that’s usual) but the fact that he did that at a record age was the highlight of the story. Quite a lot of people consider their age and therefore allow that to hinder their success.

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